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our mission

Beyond the Book is a 501c3 organization that aims to reimagine remote learning and to inspire students around the world through peer-to-peer mentorship and personalized educational experiences. We help K-8 students thrive in their academics through homework help, class organization, and mentorship, all while fostering a greater learning community. 


Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions


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Study Buddies


All of our high school Study Buddies are carefully vetted by our Application team to help your child thrive. Don't believe us? Listen to our feedback. 

"My [eight year old] will finally listen to someone!" 

- Parent of btb student

"[Beyond the Book] has been picking up where adults and the education system itself have fallen short..."


"Beyond the Book, founded by a group of high school-aged students at Castilleja School, seeks to help children in grades K-8 with free one-on-one online studying and mentorship sessions that last 30 minutes. The group covers subjects such as reading, math, language, special projects and creativity."

- Palo alto Online

“[Our Study Buddy has been] AWESOME for my younger son. She's simply amazing! She has been totally staying on top of everything, also a great communicator. My son enjoys every and each session he has with [his Study Buddy] and tells me how [much more] effective she is than me. We all look forward to her session every time.”

- Parent of BTB student

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