Our services

One on one.

Matched to fit your needs.

Beyond the Book runs entirely on one-on-one connection. We like to be peers and mentors above anything else. Our tutors want to facilitate curiosity and growth, even in this uncertain time. 

We're proud to have so many talented and fun tutors that truly love what they're teaching. Students are matched with tutors based upon grade, subject, and times that work best for the student.


Learning isn’t just about getting straight As. It’s Beyond the Book.


What we do.

We're a 501(c)3 organization that brings the engagement and connection greatly valued in regular learning environments to an online learning space. Beyond the Book is more than a tutoring service, it’s a community. Our study buddies aren't tutors–they’re study mentors, role models, and friends. 



Why we do it.

Learning is hard… and distance learning is even harder! As students, we understand that school from home is not always easy. We also know that kids sometimes learn better and more effectively from peers and older mentors. That's what we're here for.


Matched to fit your needs.

We offer free, 1-1 study and mentoring sessions for students K-8 across a wide variety of topics: English, Math, History, Science, World Languages (French, Mandarin, & Spanish), interdisciplinary work, special projects, and advice for study habits. Our study buddies inspire curiosity and growth no matter the age, interest, or subject. 

Vetted for our students.

Our team is comprised of high school students from across the globe, each having been vetted for their charisma, engagement, and passion for learning. Students are matched with their 1-1 study buddies based upon grade, subject, and personality. 

Think of us as Study Buddies.

Beyond the Book is not a test prep or tutor service. We do not provide a formal curriculum for your child. Rather, we are here to help kids stay engaged in school and manage their existing course workload in any way we can.