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FAQ about applications

Study Buddies

What are the credentials I need to be a Study Buddy?

We’re looking for students grades 9-12 who are enthusiastic, outgoing, and love to learn!

What is the time commitment for mentoring?

Although our Study Buddies vary in commitment, all of them mentor at least 1-2 sessions a week (30 minutes to 1 hour). However, we require that you indicate you are free for at least 10 hours a week. That being said, you have the ability to create your own schedule. Study Buddies are matched based upon subject and availability, so we can ensure that you’re teaching what you want–and when you want.

I'm in, but I haven't been matched yet. When will I get a student to mentor?

After you are accepted into BTB, we add you to the list of Study Buddies to match. We try our best to match you with a student as soon as possible, but we try to take into account your availablity and preferences.

I'm not from the United States. Can I still be a BTB Study Buddy?

Yes! We welcome mentors from all around the world. However, we request that you are clear in your application of your time zone! We would also love if you spread the word of our organization within your community. If you know other high schoolers that would like to mentor or younger students that need academic assistance, please send them to us.

Chapter Leads

What is a Chapter Lead?

A BTB Chapter Lead represents BTB in their specific region. Chapter Leads are responsible for growing their chapter by means of individualized marketing and promotion. They are often also Study Buddies as well!

What is the time commitment for Chapter Leads?

Becoming a Chapter Lead is a serious commitment. Expect to spend roughly 5-10 hours per week on marketing and strategy work, as well as acting as the liason between the Leadership Team and your respective region.