Students and Parents.


How can I book a study buddy? 

Four easy steps: 

  1. Head to our bookings page.

  2. Book your sessions based upon subject and availability.

  3. We’ll then match you with a study buddy!

  4. Your study buddy will reach out, confirm, and send you a link to the Zoom call.

How much does Beyond the Book cost? 

Our services are completely free!

Who are the study buddies?

BTB is lucky to have so many motivated, enthusiastic study buddies from around the world. Our mentors are high school students from California, New York, Canada, England, and more.

Meet our study buddies here!

What regions do you teach?

We are equipped to help kids in any time zone.

Can parents join in on sessions?

Yes! Parents can be present in any or all sessions if they are comfortable. Beyond the Book also offers introductory calls before any formal sessions begin in order to promote meaningful connections between parents, students, and mentors.

Can I book sessions routinely? 

Yes! We encourage you to book sessions routinely with the same mentor. In fact, studies have shown that students are more focused and productive when they are comfortable with their mentor, and consistent sessions also help each mentor become more aware of their student’s needs. Once you are in contact with your mentor, let them know that you would like to schedule sessions routinely and you two can decide on a time that works best for both of you.

What subjects are BTB mentors offering support in? 

We offer support in the broader categories of Math, Science, English, History, Language, and Projects (including presentations, creative work, organization, mentorship). However, our tutors are extremely flexible and willing to accommodate your needs. If you have a specific request or narrow topic you would like support with, just let us know! 

Is BTB a tutoring service?

No, BTB is a group of study buddies that is here to help mentor your child in their classes. We do not create a curriculum for your child. 


Prospective Study Buddies.

How can I become a study buddy? 

Start by visiting our Apply page. We'll guide you through the steps you need to take!