• Noa Goldstein

Staying Engaged During Shelter in Place

Hi I’m Noa and I am a 10th grader at Castilleja school! My favorite subjects in school are Math, English, and French, yet I have also spent time studying physics during my free time and summers. Outside of school I play soccer (and have been for 9 years!), dabble in music and the piano, enjoy photography, and spend time with my family of 6 and my friends.

Now that we’re in quarantine, I have been loving going on walks, reading outside in the mornings, and catching up on my favorite TV shows. The shelter in place has allowed me to focus more closely on my learning habits and to reflect on my interests, health, and mind. However, I’ve noticed that learning at home can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a designated office space and with so many distractions around. To tackle this problem, I set boundaries for myself about where I will learn and where I will relax so as to dissociate the two and create a good balance between work and play. When studying and working, I eliminate distractions by putting away my phone or computer and setting a set period of time for me to work before taking a break. If I can, I study with a friend (over facetime or zoom) or work next to my siblings to stay engaged. I also make sure to take lots of screen breaks and to get moving when I can!

I joined Beyond the Book when it began, earlier in the shelter in place. I am currently and routinely tutoring two amazing young sisters who are focusing on their Math and English work with me. I have always wanted to be a teacher when I’m older and I love spending time with kids so tutoring has been a way for me to explore those two interests of mine. Especially now, when I have more time to give back, I wanted to participate in Beyond the Book’s mission to support and help engage students in their online learning. Overall, mentoring my two girls has been such an incredible experience that has me anticipating the next session immediately after I finish one! I’ve already seen growth and new excitement from the girls since we’ve started a few weeks ago and every moment has been a true joy for me.

I hope this has taught you a little bit about me and has inspired you to find new ways of finding engagement and enjoyment in quarantine. Stay safe!

Noa :)

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