• Maia Politzer

Staying Organized When Overwhelmed

Hi there!

My name is Maia and I became a study buddy during the summer of 2020 when I was going into my junior year and am now going into my senior year of high school. I’ve always enjoyed school because of how it fosters growth. This constant promise of learning opportunities kept me motivated and engaged. That being said, the past year and a half of virtual school lacked the engagement I had been previously infatuated by. As I found myself navigating a new routine, I began to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and overall, dreading school. Conversations with friends let me know that I wasn’t alone in these negative emotions. In the moments I felt unmotivated and overwhelmed, I recognized that I had the power to allow these feelings to consume me, or to do something about them. In deciding to find ways to diminish my stress, I taught myself new tricks to stay organized and I want to share what I’ve learned with all of you!

When I reflected on why I felt so overwhelmed, I realized that I hadn’t been managing my time well. I would constantly procrastinate studying and assignments because I knew I would always be able to get them done even if I only had a couple of hours before the due date. Even though I had no late assignments, this mindset was the root of a lot of my stress. Here are some of the tools I used to better manage my time:

  • I started using a planner. I would record daily assignments as well as the due dates of larger projects and tests. Being able to see all of my assignments in one place helped me decide which assignments I would be dedicating my time to each day.

  • In addition to having a planner, I made sure to work on large projects or study for a test a little bit every day. Even if I could only get 20 minutes of studying each day, this helped me so much in the long run by eliminating a late night of cramming before my test.

  • Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of study breaks! These breaks allow your mind and body time to relax and in a way, rejuvenate. Taking study breaks will allow you to study for a longer period of time without feeling burnout.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy studying!

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